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shocomi_lovers's Journal

Sho-Comi-Lovers! Mayu Shinjo, Kanan Minami, Kaho
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I am new at this whole LJ thing, but I would love to get a group started for those of us that have wish lists or wishlist items for all things Sho-comi related. I would also love to be able to share Graphics, trades, sales, and discussion from various series of Sho-comi series both past & present.

Step up don't be shy no one bites and if they do I can always bite right back but politely.

Whatever you post here *MUST* be sho-comi related.
NO POSTING Of personal info!
(if you are selling/buying do not post your address ect publicly.)
Absolutely NO FLAMING!!
All graphics such as Avatars and Icons can be posted at max of 100 x 100 without use of using a "Cut". However, if you are posting say 20 of these then please put them behind a cut.
Please name the series your graphics are from! Also please note that any and all pics or graphics that are listed here are availible for anyone to use.
Finally..... Just have fun and hang out.